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LibrePlanet is coming in two days! Here's how you can participate

by Molly de Blanc Contributions Published on Mar 21, 2019 02:59 PM

It's almost time for LibrePlanet -- the Free Software Foundation annual conference and associate members' meeting -- and we couldn't be more excited! There is so much going on at the conference, great events in the evenings, a raffle, an exhibit hall, and an amazing collection of free software enthusiasts from around the world. We hope to see you there! Registration may be closed, but you can still register for the conference on-site, space permitting.

In the event you can't make it to LibrePlanet, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA, there are ways to get involved! We have three ways to enable remote participation: IRC, mumble, and, of course, the livestream. We provide these resources, along with video streaming, so that free software supporters who are unable to travel to the US for economic and/or political reasons are still able to participate.


You can log onto IRC through your IRC client or our Web IRC interface, powered by Kiwi IRC. You have four options for channels: A general #libreplanet chat, and then a chat for each of our three session rooms. Volunteers will be on hand at the conference to help you ask questions submitted over IRC during the Q&A section of talks.


If you prefer to talk over voice chat rather than typing, you can use Mumble to communicate with other free software supporters on-site or remotely. Mumble is a free software voice chat system, and we're hosting our own Mumble server for the duration of the conference. Rather than just typing to other in person and remote attendees, you can now chat over voice as well. There will be a dedicated computer that is set up and connected to Mumble in the exhibit hall at the conference, which you can use.


As we do every year, we will be streaming and recording every session using our entirely free software system. You can watch the livestream online. recordings will be available after the conference via GNU Media Goblin.


Whether you're at the conference or watching from home, you can remember your LibrePlanet 2019 experience with this year's conference T-shirt. If you'll be there, you can pick it up in person. If you won't be in attendance, we can still ship you a shirt after the conference. Please note that quantities are limited, and we won't know until after the conference if we can fulfill every order.


Be sure to check your badges for the free raffle ticket each attendee gets to enter to try to win an amazing prize. FSF associate members can pick up a second free ticket at the raffle booth!

Thank you to our sponsors!

LibrePlanet 2019 is supported by several generous sponsors. Big thanks to Red Hat and Private Internet Access!

We look forward to seeing you this weekend, whether in person or online!

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