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Free software resources

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Use these resources to find the free software you need, promote the free software you like, and explain to everyone you know why it's essential to use and support free software.

Resources for using free software

Free Software Directory
A searchable directory of over 16,000 free software packages.
Free GNU/Linux distributions
Full operating systems that are recommended by the FSF because they are exclusively free software.
Hardware that supports free software
Get information about hardware support for free software. Knowing which hardware devices support GNU/Linux is important not only for practical reasons — you want your hardware to work with the software that you want to use — but also for ethical and political reasons.
Service Directory
A directory of people offering their free software services for hire.
LibrePlanet Wiki
The LibrePlanet project is a global network of free software activists and teams working together to help further the ideals of software freedom by advocating and contributing to free software.
Free software webmail systems
Get started with free software webmail systems.
PDF readers
Find out about free software replacements for Adobe Reader.
GNU Licenses
Full copies of all the GNU licenses and related resources, including FAQs and how-tos.

Resources for promoting free software

Mailing lists
Join FSF public mailing lists for discussion and announcement of free software.
Free software advocacy materials
Handouts and graphics that might be helpful to you when speaking to people about free software.
Audio and video
Our User Liberation video offers a beautifully animated introduction to the cause of computer user freedom.
A series of animated videos was created to support FSF campaigns touching on a range of issues that fall within the FSF's mission.
At the FSF's 30th anniversary party, we interviewed free software users. The resulting video, What's Your Free Software Story? examines just some of the many reasons why people love to use free software.
The Free Software Foundation hosts many more videos and photos on its GNU MediaGoblin instance.
Richard Stallman's TEDx talk "Introduction to Free Software and the Liberation of Cyberspace" provides an easy-to-follow explanation of free software, and the slides are available for you to give your own presentation.
Many more audio and video recordings about GNU and free software
Badges to share and embed
These beautiful badges are part of our evergreen collection of visual communication tools about free software. They're perfect for sharing on social media or embedding on your Web site or blog.
FSF history timeline
An elaborate timeline logging all important FSF milestones of the past thirty-five years. All of these pages have links that will lead you deeper down the rabbit hole of increasing your knowledge on the historical work of the FSF and the wider free software movement.
Community reports of successful free software usage from all areas of computing.
GNU Speakers
People who can speak about GNU and free software at your event.

Other free software resources

Jobs in Free Software
Job advertisements of interest to free software supporters. link list
Links to a variety of other free software resources.
Proprietary software information
Proprietary software, nonfree software, is software that doesn't respect users' freedom and community. Learn more about why you should avoid proprietary software.

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