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Free software jobs

作者: Free Software Foundation Published on 2010年03月09日 15時15分
This is a meeting place where skilled and informed individuals working in the world of free software come to find job opportunities they can believe in.

Post a new job — usual price $250/30 days

It's a place where employers tired of sifting through dozens of candidates who don't get it come to advertise, knowing the few applications they get will be the right ones.

The job postings listed are written by the people hiring, and are not necessarily reflective of the Free Software Foundation. All jobs must relate to free software positions.

Who says you can't get paid for doing what you love?


Lucas C. Wagner, of Spindletop Software Dynamics, Inc. says:

"The GNU jobs page represents, to me, one of the easiest and most effective ways to post jobs that require the knowledge and expertise of the free software community at large..."
FSF - Outreach and Communication Coordinator 作者: Chrissie Himes — 最終変更 2015年06月18日 16時35分
The FSF is hiring: Seeking a full-time outreach and communication coordinator
Free Software Foundation - Deputy Director 作者: Chrissie Himes — 最終変更 2015年05月14日 14時19分
Free Software Foundation is hiring a Deputy Director!
Free Software Foundation - Web Developer 作者: Chrissie Himes — 最終変更 2015年05月27日 13時50分
Free Software Foundation is hiring a Web Developer!
Software Freedom Law Center - Systems Administrator 作者: Chrissie Himes — 最終変更 2015年04月22日 09時58分
Software Freedom Law Center is hiring a Systems Administrator!
Directlyrics - Lead Node.js Developer 作者: Chrissie Himes — 最終変更 2015年03月26日 11時34分
Directlyrics is hiring a Lead Node.js Developer!
Think Penguin - PC Technician 作者: Chrissie Himes — 最終変更 2015年03月06日 15時53分
ThinkPenguin PC technician with solid foundation of Desktop GNU/Linux
DevOps Engineer for SecureDrop 作者: Chrissie Himes — 最終変更 2015年02月27日 17時42分
SecureDrop is hiring a DevOps Engineer
GNUnet and Taler - Free Software Hackers 作者: Chrissie Himes — 最終変更 2015年02月27日 17時41分
Free software hacker positions at GNUnet
Software Freedom Law Center - Executive Assistant 作者: Chrissie Himes — 最終変更 2014年12月19日 14時14分
Software Freedom Law Center - Executive Assistant
WordPress Engineer - First Look Media 作者: Chrissie Himes — 最終変更 2014年12月18日 15時42分
First Look Media is looking for a WordPress Engineer based in either their San Francisco or Manhattan office.
ThinkPenguin - GNU/Linux Desktop Support Tech 作者: Chrissie Himes — 最終変更 2014年06月20日 16時27分
ThinkPenguin is hiring a GNU/Linux Desktop Support Tech!
So you want to know.... 作者: Matt Lee — 最終変更 2008年04月23日 18時30分
What's a free software job?

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