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Help us set high priorities for 2021: Send input by Jan. 8

by Zoë Kooyman Contributions Published on Dec 22, 2020 02:58 PM

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The High Priority Free Software Projects (HPP) list is an initiative from the Free Software Foundation (FSF). It draws attention to areas of development of strategic importance to the goal of freedom for all computer users, and highlights specific projects within these areas. The HPP list helps guide volunteers, developers, funders, and companies to projects where their skills and resources can be utilized, whether they be in coding, graphic design, writing, financial contributions, or activism.

The HPP list helps projects explain their importance, which attracts other developers and sponsors. Adding the right projects and project areas to the HPP list while keeping it comprehensive is thus extremely important for the future of free software. Besides this, we also enjoy being able to highlight projects of major importance, giving them the attention they deserve for the inspirational and challenging work that they do.

This year, we are again working with an expert committee for review of the HPP list, and we issued a call for input from the community. Currently, we have received more than one hundred suggestions from community members with invaluable feedback. We are seeing information come through from all over the world: from newcomers, seasoned users, and developers of projects alike. Some community members have suggested an entire overhaul, while others have given nuanced information on the items currently listed. All of it is immensely appreciated, and will help the committee when they start their review from January 8 onwards.

The new High Priority Projects list will be published in the first months of 2021, and a presentation by the committee will follow at the upcoming LibrePlanet conference in March, where you will be able to hear firsthand from committee members and talk with them about their findings. Make sure you register for the event, so you can connect to the committee more directly in the online conference portal.

We still need your input! Please send your suggested changes for the HPP list to by January 8, 2021.

Remember, we're looking for projects of great strategic importance to the goal of freedom for all computer users. We are looking for areas where people feel they are heavily pressured or even required to use proprietary software, as well as for important missing features in existing free software, and for problems you see on the horizon as technology is developing.

If you wish, you may also publish your thoughts independently (e.g., on your blog or social media) and send us a link to them at instead.

Initiatives like the High Priority Projects list cannot exist without your input. Our connection to, and support for, the work the free software community does can only be continued thanks to your help. Right now, we are in the middle of our annual fundraiser, and we need 239 more associate members to reach our year-end goal of 500 new associate members before December 31st.

It's your support that keeps us moving forward. Will you help us reach our goal by sharing information about the work we do, like the High Priority Projects, with your community? We also hope that if you can spare $10/month ($5/month for students), you will become an FSF associate member, or make a donation, in order to help us continue this work.

Image Copyright © 2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc., licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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