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I use Mac OS X... moving to free software...

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Jun 24, 2010 12:17 PM
You can install free software applications on your Mac and use them instead of proprietary software from Apple and others.

First steps

Get a feel for how free software can replace proprietary software that you're using...

More free software...

Trisquel 6.0 on MacBook Air

The installation process of the latest version of Trisquel has turned out to be relatively straightforward with only a few minor bumps along the way. Here are the steps for installing Trisquel 6.0 on MacBook Air MD231LL/A, based on Ubuntu instructions available at

  1. First, install rEFIt, an EFI bootloader, or burn a rEFIt CD. You will need
    rEFIt for synchronizing partitions once Trisquel installation is finished. For more
    information about how to install and use rEFIt, see <>.
  2. Next, you need to repartition your hard drive. Log into MAC OS system and
    use Disk Utility to shrink your OS X partition creating free space for Trisquel
    at the end of the disk.
  3. Boot into a Trisquel LiveCD by holding down the ALT-key and selecting
    "Windows" CD.
  4. Once you boot using the LiveCD, you can choose to install Trisquel in two
    different modes: grapical mode or text mode. Select text mode and follow the
    instructions of the installer.
  5. In the partitioning step of the install, make sure to select 'partition
    manually' to create partitions for Trisquel in the space freed earlier.
  6. At the end of the installation process, I encountered the following problem
  7. with installing GRUB: "can't execute grub-probe- no such file or directory." In spite of this issue, however, the installation completed
  8. After finishing the installation, boot into rEFIt, select the "partition
    tool" to sync your partition tables. With partition tables synced, you may
    elect to uninstall rEFIt (again, see <> for
  9. To deal with the GRUB issue during install, boot live Trisquel environment
    from a CD, chroot into the newly installed system to install and configure GRUB
  10. Finaly, restart and boot into Trisquel by holding down the ALT-key again and
    selecting "Windows" (don't let that confuse you).  When you see the Trisquel
    Logo, dance and celebrate!

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