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Meet the free software gang

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Jul 08, 2010 01:03 PM
Meet the pieces of free software working together to build a complete free software system.

There are thousands of pieces of free software, many of which are listed in our directory of free software, but of these projects, a few dozen are extremely common — we call these the free software gang.


  • Amarok — listen to CDs, downloaded music, streaming radio and podcasts
  • VLC — watch DVDs, videos from YouTube and other downloads

Office and database

Web and email


  • Blender — make 3d animations and edit video
  • GIMP — touch up and crop photos from your digital camera and the web
  • Inkscape — make flyers, postcards and printed materials


  • PHP programming language — the language that powers Wikipedia and the White House website
  • Java — used in everything from your cellphone to your bank
  • Perl language — the system administrator's swiss army knife
  • Python language — popular with Google and NASA, also runs this website!
  • Ruby language — used by many of the Web 2.0 websites

Operating system and friends

  • GNOME — the graphical desktop for many of the GNU/Linux systems, including Trisquel
  • GNU — the fully free operating system
  • Gecko — the same powerful code that powers Firefox and Icecat, in your own software
  • KDE — another popular graphical desktop, favored by many for its powerful features
  • Linux — together with GNU, Linux powers the GNU/Linux operating system
  • Nautilus — the GNOME file manager
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