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Testimonials from Users of Free Software

by John Sullivan Contributions Published on Mar 25, 2005 01:18 PM
For those working to persuade others to use free software, it is very helpful to have stories from people in similar situations who successfully converted from proprietary software. We collect such stories from our community to meet that need. We will also be collecting links to formal articles and papers that show the benefits of free software.

Would you like to sing the praises of GNU? Would you like to see your name in print right here? Please send contributions to <>. Please make sure to include a couple lines letting us know that it is OK to share your story.

Thanks to all of you who have recently sent testimonials. We're in the process of sorting through them now. Keep them coming!

Have you seen it? Free software isn't simply a pastime for programmers, it's a productive contributor to people and businesses all over the world. From ornamental ribbon makers, to scientific researchers, free software aids hundreds of thousands of people in their everyday work. Its development continues at blazing speed to fill the insatiable needs of users in all types of applications.

These testimonials are focused on some of the specific valuable aspects of free software:

Full Papers and Articles

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