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Project Manager - PKT

by Matt Lavallee Contributions Published on Apr 13, 2021 03:59 PM
PKT is a blockchain project focused on making internet access more accessible, low-cost, and decentralized.

Project Manager | PKT | Multiple free software initiatives (Blockchain)

PKT is a blockchain project focused on making internet access more accessible, low-cost, and decentralized, it is a philosophical continuation of the cjdns project (GPLv3+, started 2011) for making networks more secure and easier to setup.

PKT is a no-premine, proof-of-work “real deal” coin based on a new bandwidth-hard proof of work algorithm called PacketCrypt. The objective of PacketCrypt is to incentivize rollout of networking infrastructure which is re-usable for providing people internet access. PKT also includes a 20% fee in each block which is allocated to a Network Steward which implements a transparent process to fund initiatives for helping build out the ecosystem (mostly free software development).

There are multiple business entities who exist within the PKT ecosystem, including and but everybody collaborates using common chat and project management tools including MatterFOSS and our OpenProject instance.

We need a project manager who can:

  • Structure the OpenProject instance and train the team(s) to use it effectively
  • Conduct meetings and create Tasks during the meetings so everybody knows what needs to be done before next call
  • Seamlessly switch between coordinating agile software development projects (almost all free software) and more waterfall-like business planning
  • Effectively communicate with people who spend their whole day thinking about their particular intuitive and may have difficulty communicating outside of that

Particular skills which will be helpful:

  • OpenProject experience
  • Communication, empathy and ability to listen, question, and extract relevant facts from what is said
  • Root cause analysis
  • Reasoning in uncertainty
  • Ability to keep meetings focused
  • Knowledge of Scrum/XP/CMM/Waterfall, intuition on “when to use what”

If you are interested in learning more about this project, please email and we can setup a call to converse further about it.

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