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Looking for skilled and dedicated people?

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Mar 28, 2008 03:03 PM
Support the free software community while finding a great new employee.

Ready to list? Just email your listing to <> and we'll post it just as soon as payment is received.

Not sure what a "free software job" is? We've put together a simple list.

Frequently Asked Questions

You're looking for the kind of people who are already hacking on and contributing to free, libre and open source software; the kind of people who can dive head on into a bug and fix it and are connected with the community.

Our jobs page is the #1 result when candidates search Google for "free software jobs". Likewise for searches for "software jobs", many users will find us on the first page of results. The GNU Project and Free Software Foundation websites receive millions of visitors each month, so you can be sure that your job listing will be seen.

We'll put you in touch with the dedicated, hard-working people you want for your jobs. But hey, don't just take our word for it...

Lucas C. Wagner, of Spindletop Software Dynamics, Inc. says:

The GNU jobs page represents, to me, one of the easiest and most effective ways to post jobs that require the knowledge and expertise of the free software community at large. Applicants are often extremely experienced, talented individuals who are donating their time both "on the clock" and "after hours" improving or extending the GNU software or other free software projects that their employers depend on. Additionally, applicants are often more than willing to help their employers connect (or remain connected) to the free software community so that further contributions to enterprise-critical projects can be gained from a network of thousands of people, from independent programmers to other employers just like you. It is for this reason that I highly recommend the GNU jobs page to employers serious about their commitment to using and/or building upon free and/or GNU software.

Ready to list? Just email your listing to <> and we'll post it just as soon as payment is received.

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