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So you want to know....

Автор: Matt Lee Published on 2005-02-12 11:05
What's a free software job?

A free software job is any job centered on the creation, promotion, oversight, support, sales, marketing or installation of free software.

Here are some common examples of free software jobs:

  • GNU/Linux systems administrator
  • Web developer using free software like PHP, Python, Ruby, Django and Apache
  • Organizer working to install GNU/Linux or Open Office in elementary schools
  • BSD installation and support, coupled with hardware sales
  • MySQL database administration
  • Bounties or short-term free software coding jobs
  • On-site instructor for free software like Plone or MySQL

Here are some examples of jobs that don't fit the criteria:

  • 20% GNU/Linux sysadmin and 80% internal support for desktops running a proprietary operating system
  • Developing proprietary software applications, even if they run on the GNU/Linux operating system
  • Jobs focused on proficiency with proprietary applications, even if some free software is involved
  • Jobs that don't have anything to do with software at all

If you've got a free software job that you're ready to list, just email it to and we'll post it just as soon as payment is received.

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