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C++ Developer at NeuralIQ in Santa Monica, CA

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Mar 27, 2008 02:22 PM
NeuralIQ is looking for an experienced C++ developer, preferably with a background in developing for GNU/Linux.

The perfect candidate should have at least 6 years of experience in C++ development, strong knowledge of all debugging techniques and possibly a strong handle of gcc, make and other dev tools. Knowledge of proper security programming techniques is also important, and you should have very strong knowledge of all aspects of C++ (templates, STL, constructors and destructors, virtual functions, objects, etc.). Knowledge of socket programming, security programming pitfalls, and extremely good knowledge of memory concepts in C++ is desired.

This is an opportunity for you to apply your knowledge of C++ well to new and exciting areas of development you never thought existed. As part of a growing team of world-class engineers (or as we like to call ourselves “Low-Level Code Monkeys”), your activities will include writing and contributing to a sophisticated AI engine designed to identify advanced attack techniques as well as memory exploit attempts, etc.

As a part of your job you will become intimately familiar with the low-level workings of operating systems and learn to identify heap and stack overflow attempts among other more sophisticated problems. Our company is looking for a hacker who knows every aspect of C++ and is very familiar with compiler concepts and how different ways of writing C++ make compiled machine code more or less efficient and how different ways of writing C++ impacts memory and performance. We want someone who has a strong sense of invention, accomplishes things in an unorthodox way, is great at pushing the outside of the envelope, and is absolutely not afraid of learning new things. Aside from being a playful, curious, philosophical, abstract, very artistic and clever devil, that special candidate will also have the following skills and/or experience:

  • Extremely extensive knowledge C++.
  • Extremely extensive knowledge of memory concepts and security programming pitfalls in C++.
  • Good knowledge of gcc, g++, gdb, make and other dev tools is a HUGE plus, but not a requirement.
  • Good knowledge of C programming language and x86 assembly language is a HUGE plus, but not a requirement.
  • Extensive knowledge of secure programming techniques in C++.
  • Good knowledge of Revision Control Systems (CVS or Subversion) is a HUGE plus but not a requirement.
  • Extensive knowledge of at least one scripting language, preferably Python.
  • Willingness to learn and try new things as well as extremely good research skills.
  • Love for solving problems and changing the World through software…
  • Getting along and working as a part of a team of world class code hackers is a MUST.

To apply, please submit your resume and a brief introduction to

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