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Senior GNU/Linux Multimedia Software Engineer at Neuros (anywhere)

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Mar 27, 2008 02:09 PM
Our vision is to create an open video device built with free software.

In a very exciting development, Neuros has a job opening for a developer to help us get our next generation platform to market. If you're not familiar with Neuros, our vision is to create an open video device built with free software that can consolidate all of your content (both physical media as well as digital or Internet content) into a single device that is small, quiet, inexpensive, and requires little power. Neuros has joined forces with Texas Instruments to develop an open platform that fits the above requirements well, and we'll be posting more details about that shortly.

If you are interested in bringing the freedom of communication long enjoyed on the PC to the living room, we hope you will join us. Not only will you be helping to develop a new open platform, but also breaking new ground in the way such products are developed. Over the coming months you will see increasing sponsorship of open development on this platform targeting a variety of free software communities, and the collaboration with TI will provide a host of new compelling target devices over time. Job Qualifications:

  • 6+ years of GNU/Linux/some Embedded Linux software development experience.
  • Strong Video/Audio background and extensive GNU/Linux multi-media subsystem (framebuffer, V4L2, ALSA/OSS) experience.
  • Familiar with C programming, extensive architectural system design experience required. Embedded Linux device driver and kernel module coding, debugging experience preferred.
  • Extensive VLC project development experiences a strong plus
  • Texas Instruments dual core processor experience a plus
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills, fluent written English required.
  • Community development experience required, community leadership a plus


  • VLC based multimedia platform architectural design and VLC porting to next generation OSD HW platform, for both playback and recording support.
  • Leading multi-media application design and implementation for next generation Neuros OSD product.

Employment Details:

  • Relocation not required or expected, you can work at your own location.
  • Competitive Compensation based on experience and skills
  • Full time employment preferred, but will consider contract applications as well

General information

OSD Platform Description OSD 2 Product Description Neuros Company Information

To apply, please send an email to mgao at neurostechnology dot com or for questions, comments please feel to hop on #neuros on irc or the mailing list . Likewise, if think you know others that might be interested, please feel free to post a link to this opening on any community that you belong to.

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