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Senior Lead Architect at Weatherly Technologies in New York, NY, USA

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Mar 27, 2008 01:44 PM
Senior Developer

The skillset required is a rockstar web developer:

  • Must be proficient in Python, expert preferred
  • Must have one large scale public web project in their portfolio, preferably startup experience
  • Must be able to develop with certain architectural considerations in mind at all times, such as: multilingual text, runtime efficiency in a very high load environment, file mgmt in a clustered environment, etc
  • Must be self-motivated and eager to utilize the existing team's business knowledge to advance their own knowledge. We don't want anyone who wants to squirrel themselves away and read code alone all day. We need to be as efficient as possible in knowledge sharing in order to keep the code generation rate high.
  • Must be able to manage time efficiently among multiple projects.
  • These tech requirements should be implicit in the criteria above, but nonetheless are imperative:
  • OO design
  • SQL including indexing and query tuning
  • AJAX, including APIs like Google Maps
  • RSS and XML feeds in general. We deal with a lot of third party feeds that love to use XML.
  • DHTML with CSS and Javascript
  • Working knowledge of subversion, including branching and merging
  • Must be able to configure FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, Webware for Python development environment
  • Bonus abilities:
  • FreeBSD administrative knowledge

Lead Architect Requirements

Basic skills:

  • Must meet all the SeniorDeveloper requirements

Tech management:

  • Must have completed multiple web projects
  • Must have played the lead architect (or jointly) on at least one web project from start to finish
  • Includes management of a team of developers
  • Must be capable of evaluating new resources in all of the disciplines listed for SeniorDeveloper position

Tech skills:

  • DBA with expert experience in MySQL
  • Administrator for FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, Webware for Python development environment pieces
  • FreeBSD (or general Posix knowledge and able to learn FreeBSD specifics)
  • Apache virtual hosts and SSL certificates
  • MySQL
  • Python + MySQLdb

Please Contact: Tim

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