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GNUnet and Taler - Free Software Hackers

by chrissie Contributions Published on Feb 12, 2015 10:23 AM
Free software hacker positions at GNUnet

The job postings listed are written by the people hiring, and are not necessarily reflective of the Free Software Foundation.


The new "Décentralisé" research team at Inria Rennes (France) has several open positions for free software hackers interested in working on GNUnet and Taler.

GNUnet is GNU's secure P2P network, a project where we design and implement a new decentralised, privacy-preserving, secure network where you are in control of your data, and where your interactions with other participants leak as little data as possible.

Taler is a new free software and open standards-based socially responsible digital payment system.


  • Write free systems software (largely in C, but also sometimes other languages)
  • Practice good secure software engineering and good OpSec
  • Write quality documentation (in English) and engage with users
  • Participate in information security research (develop cryptographic protocols, measure and evaluate performance, write academic papers)
  • Help transition the developed software from academic prototypes into usable free software packages
  • PostDocs will be expected to participate in supervising PhD students, and developing their own ethical research agenda (including grant writing)
  • Consider the ethical implications of your work


  • Recognized Master's or PhD degree (depending on position) in a related area
  • Skills in systems programming, GUI programming, cryptography or secure software engineering
  • Working language is English
  • Must be willing to move to Rennes, France


  • Depends largely on existing academic degree (Master's or PhD) and a bit on experience
  • Determined by Inria based on national rules (read: non-negotiable)
  • Inofficial sample calculations provided by Inria:
  • PhD student gets 3016€ per month, makes a net salary of 1584€
  • Post Doc gets 4069€ per month, makes a net salary of 2128€
  • (but, those 'net salary' calculations are based on some assumptions on the tax situation, which may not be accurate for you)


  • PhD students will be given the opportunity to write a PhD thesis
  • Inria offers non-financial support for the transition, including free language courses
  • Research environment, French-speakers are encouraged to teach, but will not be required to do so
  • France: 8 weeks of vacation/year, health insurance and other benefits

Please provide us with information you feel would be useful to us in gaining a better understanding of your technical background and accomplishments. Send your details to Christian Grothoff via GnuPG-encrypted e-mail if you are interested.


Inria is a French national laboratory. The Equipe Décentralisé was created in late 2014 to research secure, privacy-enhancing network protocols. We are currently funded by the Renewable Freedom Foundation and Inria itself. The team is committed to only accept funding that allows us to work on free software and do ethical research.

The team is lead by Christian Grothoff who currently maintains three GNU packages, including GNUnet.

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