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GNOME Foundation - Executive Director

by chrissie Contributions Published on Aug 31, 2015 04:28 PM
The GNOME Foundation is hiring an Executive Director.

The job posting listed is written by the people hiring, and are not necessarily reflective of the Free Software Foundation. All jobs must relate to free software positions.

The GNOME Foundation is recruiting an Executive Director to run and grow The GNOME Foundation and project by engaging volunteers, governments, partners, companies and independent organizations. The Executive Director will work to develop and maintain programs to further GNOME’s goals, to promote the benefits of the GNOME platform, and encourage contribution and collaboration within the GNOME ecosystem.

The GNOME Foundation Executive Director is a prominent public face of the project. The Executive Director will often be called upon to represent the project to the press, at conferences, to partners, to the advisory board, to prospective sponsors, and to anyone else who needs to hear GNOME speak with a single voice. In doing so, the Executive Director must ensure that they accurately reflect the positions of the Foundation and the community.

The Executive Director does not direct the work done by the many Free Software projects that make up GNOME; however, the Executive Director (along with the Board) will work with the maintainers and members of those projects, helping to coordinate efforts, facilitate development, seek out solutions to challenging problems, mediate issues, and help build a stronger community.

The Executive Director must have exceptional communication and persuasion skills, and must be comfortable speaking or writing to any audience, including at conferences, with executives, with political leaders, and with the GNOME and Free Software communities. English language proficiency is required.

The Executive Director will seek out beneficial partnerships with other Free Software projects, foundations, companies, institutions, or others that help further the goals of the project. This includes sponsorship opportunities, new advisory board members, monetary or in-kind donations, beneficial co-marketing efforts, educational opportunities, new developers, and alignment with other Free Software projects and foundations.

The Executive Director, together with the GNOME Foundation Board, helps manage and authorize the use of the project’s finances for the betterment of GNOME and the community. For example, the Executive Director may help arrange conferences, hackathons, outreach efforts, user studies, contract work, legal efforts, or similar work on behalf of the Foundation and the community.

GNOME is a Free Software project; the Executive Director must understand Free Sotware ideology and culture, and be fully aligned with the goals and philosophy of Free Software. GNOME is a GNU project, and as such, the Executive Director will need to coordinate regularly with the Free Software Foundation.

This is a full-time paid position. Holding any concurrent position, even one with a Free-Software-friendly company, would be an undesirable conflict of interest. (Limited exceptions may apply, such as volunteer membership on the board of some other aligned Free Software project’s foundation.)

Meetings of the Board and other regular coordination activities occur electronically, so location is flexible. The GNOME Foundation does not maintain physical offices. A non-trivial amount of travel is expected, most notably for conferences.

We are open to candidates with a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, from highly experienced career executives to people with limited formal management or financial experience but a great deal of experience with Free Software communities. We place our commitment to our mission and values above all else, and we understand that some strong applicants may need to develop some of their skills on the job.

Applying for the position

Interested parties, please mail with a description of why you are interested in the position, your background, and an attached resume in pdf format.

The original posting can be found at:

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