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Contributor's Guidelines

by John Sullivan Contributions Published on Apr 12, 2005 01:40 PM
A list of the information we need to use your report.

If you run a 100% free gNewSense system (or other distribution with nonfree binary firmware removed), and your hardware works, then this means your system components are widely supported, so you can just tell us which of these distributions and what components you are using. If your hardware doesn't work, that is also useful information and we will be happy to add it.

If you are able to provide the following details, please do. If you can't meet all these requests, just send us what you do know. Ryan's Linux Inventory Aggregator may also be useful for you to easily gather information about the hardware on your system.

  • Specify what license the drivers you have used are released under.
  • Specify which kernel(s) you tested with, including the version numbers. You can get this information by typing "uname -a" at a shell prompt.
  • Include any driver and other relevant software version numbers.
  • If you are writing about particular chipsets, please give us names and model numbers of devices that an end consumer might purchase that use those chipsets.
  • For wireless cards, please make sure that no proprietary software (like a nonfree binary module) is required.
  • Send completed reports to <>.
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