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by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Jul 20, 2022 12:58 PM

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FSF Board Nomination and Review Process FSF Board Nomination and Review Process cluster_nom_period Nomination Process The opening and closing date for nominations will be announced. cluster_discussion Discussion Process associate FSF associate members nominated potential nominees associate->nominated The FSF associate members nominate potential board members. Self-nomination is allowed. initial_nom1 nominees nominated->initial_nom1  The nominee accepts nomination and fills out a  questionare. final_nom1 announced nominees initial_nom1->final_nom1  The FSF voting members review and select nominees  to move forward.   The list of selected nominees is announced   publicly. After this step, each nominee may   advance through the following steps in any order   in comparison to the other nominees. For example,   the first discussion may be of a single nominee so   that the FSF can learn how to improve the   discussion process. The voting members decide at   each point to carry out a discussion step, or   carry out a voting step, or end the process. If a   nominee withdraws or receives less than a majority   of any vote, the process ends for them. nominee nominee(s) under discussion final_nom1->nominee  The FSF voting members select one or more nominee   for a discussion process. discussants eligible associate members discussed_candidate discussed nominee(s) nominee->discussed_candidate  The discussion period ends. vote1 a vote by FSF voting members discussed_candidate->vote1  The FSF voting members select a nominee to be  interviewed and voted on to join the board as a  trial member. trial_member trial board member board_member board member trial_member->board_member  The trial ends. The FSF voting members vote for  the trial board member to become a board member or  leave the board. vote1->trial_member  A majority vote in favor.   The trial is intended to last for three months but   may be extended or shortened. During the trial   period, the trial member is invited to all   meetings but they do not vote.
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