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Benefits of patronage

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Apr 05, 2010 03:56 PM
Organizations show their support for the community and the mission of the FSF by giving financial help. Many of our Patrons come to the FSF because their user community or employees ask them to recognize our work.

The Free Software Foundation recognizes and appreciates our patrons in a variety of ways. Patron donations are mostly financial contributions, but organizations that offer an in-kind service with market value at one of our donation levels can also be acknowledged as a patron. The patron benefits at each donation level are as follows:

Gigabyte (starting at $2,000):

  • the FSF patron logo on your Web site and other materials;
  • your company name and logo on the FSF Patron list;
  • subscription to our biannual FSF Bulletin and the monthly Free Software Supporter;
  • recognition in the FSF's e-newsletter, the Free Software Supporter, upon joining and/or after every renewal;
  • any five shirts from our online shop;
  • two complimentary passes to the FSF's annual LibrePlanet conference (and a reduced rate for additional tickets);
  • two complimentary listings on the FSF job board; and
  • invitations to meetups.

Terabyte (starting at $5,000):

  • all of the above, plus…
  • complimentary access to additional FSF events, including the Continuing Legal Education Seminar on GPL (CLE); and
  • a 5 percent shop discount for all employees.

Petabyte (starting at $10,000):

  • all of the above, plus…
  • entry into an RYF-product lottery; and
  • a 10 (instead of a 5) percent shop discount for all employees.

Exabyte (starting at $30,000):

  • all of the above, plus…
  • the option to have an FSF staff or board member do a presentation on free software to an internal or external group of your choosing. (Virtual for now.)

Zettabyte (starting at $50,000):

  • all of the above, plus…
  • the option of having a free software case study you authored (about your company's mission-facing work in free software) appear in our main news feed and
  • collaboration opportunities: participation in the FSF round tables on policy. Members will be added to a mailing list, to which the FSF's executive director will send updates and requests for feedback, and hold occasional discussions on a Chatham House basis. Members of the round table would be invited to attend any relevant public events, and would be given first option on any sponsorship opportunities.

The above benefits tiers are flexible, and we are happy to adapt them to your organization's size and wealth. To discuss adapting a benefits package for your organization, please reach out to us at

To sign up as a patron, please write to Patrons can also donate on our contribution page.

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