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Update on work to improve governance at the FSF

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Mar 25, 2021 11:52 PM

Summary of actions from the board and voting member meetings of Thursday, March 25, 2021:

The voting members unanimously agreed to elect a union staff member, selected by the FSF union staff, to be a full voting member and director. The first such representative will be elected as soon as the staff chooses one. The FSF will adopt by-law changes to implement this as a requirement going forward.

The board of directors is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants to assist in creating a transparent, formal process for identifying candidates and appointing board members who are wise, capable, and committed to the FSF's mission. The FSF intends to rewrite the by-laws in a way that binds the organization to transparency in its choice of directors. This process will establish ways for FSF associate members and supporters to meaningfully contribute to the discussion. The board is looking for proposals to be received by Friday, April 2, 2021. Please email with the subject "Director Transparency Engagement" for details.

FSF president Geoffrey Knauth announced, "I commit myself to resign as an FSF officer, director, and voting member as soon as there is a clear path for new leadership assuring continuity of the FSF’s mission and compliance with fiduciary requirements."

The board of directors will continue this work at its next meeting, scheduled for Sunday, March 28.

Read yesterday's preliminary board statement.

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