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The third round of FSF board candidate discussions has begun

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Oct 03, 2023 04:35 PM
All eligible associate members are invited to participate in the final round of this cycle's FSF board candidate discussions, as part of its board process.

We finished two successful rounds of discussions and started the third and last round in this candidate cycle on September 19. We were pleased to see many of you participate in the first two rounds, and we thank you for your valuable feedback.

In this round, we will discuss the following six candidates:

  • Alexandre Oliva
  • Amin Bandali
  • Denis Carikli
  • Micky Metts
  • Protesilaos Stavrou
  • Rubén Rodríguez

While we would have liked to include all seven, we were not able to confirm everyone's availability. As such, any candidates who have not been discussed yet will be carried over to the next cycle of FSF board candidate discussions. If we hear from them soon, we will include them.

In parallel to this round of discussions, the voting members will conduct a first voting round to expedite the process.

Now's the time to seize this opportunity and participate in the discussion at The FSF voting members plan to close this third discussion period approximately six weeks from the start of the discussion.

When posting in the forum, we recommend posting questions that align with the FSF board's board matrix and list of valued attributes in an FSF member. Topics like these might include:

  • What could be done to encourage participation in the free software movement from underrepresented groups, such as women, LGBTQIA+ people, and other minorities?

  • What is your vision for the FSF in ten years?

  • What would you think of broadening the FSF's mission to also support the related movements of libre, scholarly publication and consumer rights in computing? What pitfalls might there be?

  • What is copyleft's strategic value? In what cases should it be used?

  • How can the FSF engage new generations of computer users and empower them with the free software message?

Feel free to pick up any questions that were asked to the previous candidates and ask them anew to a specific nominee (or to all currently discussed nominees) during this round.

For more information about the FSF board and the nomination process, see

Thank you for having supported free software and the FSF for all this time. We hope to see you in the forum.

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