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Volunteers needed to build, test and package free 2.0

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on May 06, 2005 12:36 PM
The FSF is looking for volunteers to build, test and package fully free versions of 2.0 that use GCJ as a replacement for the non-free Java platform. and GCJ hackers have worked hard to make sure that all the new features of the next version of 2.0 written in the java programming language will build and run with GCJ, the GNU Compiler for java part of GCC 4.0. This support was just very recently added to GCJ and and does not yet work completely out of the box. 2.0 is not finished yet, but beta versions are available. We want to make sure that when 2.0 final is released everything builds and runs out of the box with GCC 4.0 for all Free Software users.

Please look at this page for a list of bugs, patches and feature requests needed for better support and instructions for testing and reporting bugs to the GCJ and teams.

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