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Happening now: The second round of FSF board candidate discussions

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Aug 11, 2023 12:07 PM

All eligible associate members are invited to participate in the FSF's second round of board candidate discussions as part of its board process.

This second round of discussions started on July 24. So far, we've been pleased to see the thoughtful questions and deliberation taking place on the forum. We thank you for the valuable feedback on the candidates we've received so far.

The FSF voting members have chosen these four candidates for this second round of discussions:

  • Luis Guzm├ín
  • Maria Chiara Pievatolo
  • Markus Schmidt
  • Jason Self

The FSF voting members plan to close this second discussion period approximately six weeks from the start of the discussion. Participants must pledge to abide by the participation agreement if they did not already do so in the first round.

When posting in the forum, we recommend posting questions that align with the FSF board's board matrix and list of valued attributes in an FSF member. Topics like these might include:

  • What do you think about software licenses that attempt to restrict the use of the program or to limit its use to certain fields of endeavor?

  • Does free code that is designed to work with nonfree programs pose a threat to software freedom? If not, please elaborate. If so, how should we address it?

  • How should we combat new attacks on network freedom like Google's so-called "Web Environment Integrity" (WEI) scheme?

  • What is each candidate's position on binary blobs, such as those found in firmware?

  • Should the FSF do more or less copyleft enforcement and why?

As always, we encourage members to use their own experiences and ingenuity to come up with questions for the candidates that will help the FSF voting members in their deliberations. Also, feel free to pick up any questions that were asked to the previous candidates and ask them anew to a specific nominee (or to all currently discussed nominees) during this round.

After the discussions of these candidates, the voting members will decide which other candidates to discuss and, from time to time, take final votes on some of them; but they will not necessarily discuss nor vote on all of the candidates. For more information about the FSF board and the nomination process, see

Thank you for having supported free software and the FSF for all this time. We hope to see you in the forum.

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