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Spain to host the 3rd International Conference on GPLv3

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on May 19, 2006 05:48 PM
Barcelona, Spain - June 22nd & 23rd
The 3rd international GPLv3 conference will take place on June 22nd & 23rd in Barcelona, Spain, in a venue soon to be announced. The international GPLv3 conferences are part of a year-long public consultation process to update the GNU General Public License (GPL) the most used free software license. International conferences have already been held in the USA and Brazil.

Version 2 of the GPL was released in 1991, and this current revision reflects changes in the legal and technical environment in which software licenses operate, and the need to increase protection against new threats such as software patents and Digital Restrictions Management (DRM).

Like the current version of the GPL, version 3 will work to guarantee all users of software distributed under its terms, have the freedom to examine, share, and modify that software.

The international GPLv3 conferences play an important role in raising awareness of free software and the work of the Free Software Foundation. A major goal of these conferences is to get input from free software users in all parts of the world. The 3rd international GPLv3 conference will encourage scrutiny from lawyers and free software users in Europe. 

Confirmed speakers include Richard Stallman, founder and president of Free Software Foundation (FSF), Eben Moglen, chairman at Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) and Georg Greve, President of Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). Expert panelists from all parts of Europe, and from around the world will lead discussions on licence internationalisation, DRM, software patents, and adoption of the finished licence.

The current draft of the GPLv3 and resources explaining the background to the update are availble at

The Conference's schedule and further information will be published
soon at

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