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Get DeltaH, gNewSense 2.0

作者: Matt Lee Published on 2008年05月01日 11時30分

BOSTON, MA, USA — May 1, 2008 — The gNewSense project today announced the release of DeltaH, the second version of their all free-software GNU/Linux distribution.

The DeltaH download web page states, "DeltaH was our second major release, based on Ubuntu Hardy. 2.0 was released on May 1st 2008 - less than a week after Hardy's release."

The gNewSense project dubs itself as "A free as in freedom GNU/Linux distribution, that takes all the non-free blobs out of a rather popular distribution."

In addition to stripping binary blobs from the kernel, the package and source trees contain only free software drivers, and do not offer access to any proprietary software. Because of this commitment to free software, the Free Software Foundation and the GNU project recommend that users seeking to install a distribution of GNU/Linux consider installing gNewSense.

The developers of gNewSense invite those interested in discussing this latest release to join their mailing list or join them on in the #gnewsense channel.



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