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Send comments to FEMA

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Sep 08, 2005 03:05 PM

Those who managed to get out of New Orleans have dealt with enormous hardship, and they will continue to face daunting obstacles as they start to recover their lives. For many, this recovery process will involve registering to receive a share of federal assistance.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), instead of making registration easy, has made completing its online process impossible for all but people who use Internet Explorer Version 6 for Microsoft Windows. Anyone trying to use a different browser will be confronted with an error preventing them from registering unless they first install Microsoft Windows and then download and install Internet Explorer Version 6. People who use free operating systems like GNU/Linux will have no way to register online.

FEMA accepts comments regarding the accessibility of their web site at <>. Please write to them and let them know why people should not be required to use proprietary software in order to access resources they need to survive. Please CC us on your message at <> so we can publish a selection of the comments on our web site (we'll assume it's ok to publish your name with the comment but will not publish your e-mail address).

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