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The Free Software Directory D5000 Contest

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Aug 22, 2006 11:21 AM

The Free Software Directory, a project of the Free Software Foundation, will soon reach five thousand packages. It is already the largest single catalog of completely free software, and has over two million visitors a month. Directory entries are submitted by the public, then checked before posting by FSF staff.

To celebrate this milestone, the Free Software Foundation is holding a D5000 contest to award the honor of the five-thousandth entry to one lucky participant. From now, 2006-08-21, to 2006-09-21, each new and valid completed directory entry that is submitted will count as one chit in the raffle for the winner. You can submit entries using the directory webform. Before submitting an entry, please review the requirements to make sure your entries are eligible free software packages.

If you win, we will thank you on the front page of and for a month, and send you an autographed copy of Free Software Free Society. The winner will be selected after the end date mentioned above through a random drawing, and will be notified of their winning via email. Please send any correspondence regarding this contest to

If you don't win, your entries will still contribute to making a better Free Software Directory.

UPDATE: Please see the announcement of the winner here.
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