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Send a letter to the French government supporting free software [Updated]

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Dec 19, 2005 03:47 PM
The government of France is considering amending a proposed law so that it would prohibit much, or potentially all, free software. Updated February 2, 2006.

Update: February 2, 2006

The french prime minister confirmed that the french DMCA equivalent (EUCD / DADVSI) was withdrawn from the national assembly agenda. The petition signed by 140 000 french citizens is therefore closed ... for now. The law proposal may be re-scheduled after March 3, 2006.


January 22, 2006

According to the precise agenda of the national assembly, the law will not be discussed before Feb, 2. It is still, however listed in the broader December-February agenda. However, the rumor says it will not be scheduled before the last week of February and may be postponed in March.

The french government and all political parties are currently drafting amendments and making public statements. That could be interpreted as a will to quickly re-open the debate.

The amendment that originaly imposed DRM to every data transfer software was rewritten but is still vastly unacceptable and could cause critical problems to many free software authors and distributors. People behind EUCD.INFO are actively working to convince the government and the members of the parliament to withdraw this amendment.

It is not too difficult to explain to the members of the parliament that the above amendment is contradictory with the format, protocol and encryption methods that was voted with a large majority on 22 December 2005, with support from the government. It is harder to convince the government because it repeatedly supported the idea of the software author being responsible for the unlawful use of her or his software.

Examination of the text has been suspended until January 17.

Please see this example open letter.

...I would like to ask you to take all necessary steps in order to protect the rights of the authors and users of free software, especially those who are involved in the GNU Project (the free software produced by the GNU community has been classified amongst the "World Heritage" list established by UNESCO), and to ensure that the use of their software will not be prohibited on French territory.

See Boing Boing: 'France about to get worst copyright law in Europe?' for further information.

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