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FSF livestream

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Apr 07, 2022 07:16 PM

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The FSF runs an advanced, fully free software streaming system. We appreciate your support for infrastructure and initiatives like this live presentation.

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Free JavaScript

We've modified our streaming software and Web IRC client to include computer- and human-readable license tags, so that the LibreJS browser extension can verify that all JavaScript is free.

We hold all FSF Web sites to this standard and help others do the same though our Free JavaScript campaign.

All FSF livestreams are conducted with fully free (as in freedom) software. We are broadcasting live: connect with us on IRC at #fsf on Libera.Chat and join the conversation!

Have a look at the events page to see what other events the FSF is hosting.

Please note that all online participants and interactions are expected to abide by the safe space policy.

Richard Stallman -- The state of the free software movement (April 13)

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, RMS gave his talk over audio only. The recording is available on the FSF's MediaGoblin instance.

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