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FSF Compliance Lab Team

by Donald Robertson III Contributions Published on Nov 10, 2006 10:21 AM
Meet the people behind the FSF Compliance Lab.

Licensing and Compliance Team

Donald Robertson and Craig Topham are the FSF's licensing and compliance team. They coordinate all compliance lab efforts and are the primary contact in negotiations with violators. In addition, they also handle all assignments and employment disclaimers for various pieces of GNU software; this is a crucial role — without it, it would be very difficult to enforce our licenses.

Licensing Volunteers

A number of volunteers help out by answering licensing questions from the public. In no particular order, they are:

Yoni Rabkin
Yoni Rabkin is a parent, programmer and paralegal who studied computer science in Israel, worked in the medical devices industry, and now writes custom software for a living. He believes that everyone should contribute something positive to society, commensurate with their personal strengths.
François Marier
François is a free software developer from New Zealand involved in the Debian and Mozilla projects. He is particularly interested in privacy and decentralized technologies.
Dao Nguyen
Dao started with the FSF as a volunteer in August 2013. Prior to this, she spent many years in software sourcing and licensing for the telecom industry. She has a BA in Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences from the University of California San Diego. She currently lives in Thailand and splits her time between the FSF, AMCHAM, and travels in Southeast Asia.
Vinay Kumar Singh
Vinay is studying Law (LL.B.) with focus on copyright, patents, trademarks and designs at IIT, Kharagpur, India. Prior to starting law school he worked in the IT service industry for around four. He also completed IT Project Management program from IIT Bombay and B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering.
Alice Wang
Alice is a United States lawyer based in New York, currently on a research fellowship at Columbia Law School. She holds a J.D. from Columbia Law School and worked as a financial software developer before law school.

Legal Team

When we need legal assistance with anything, our attorneys can always answer our questions.

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