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How to Assign Copyright

by root Contributions Published on Feb 10, 2005 04:18 PM
Process for the assignment of copyright to the FSF

The FSF currently accepts assignments for those projects that are officially dubbed GNU. Please check our Free Software Directory to see whether the package is GNU. If the package is GNU then please email the maintainer of the program communicating your desire to assign copyright. The maintainer will then evaluate the appropriate type of assignment for your case.

The maintainer will provide you with a questionnaire which ensures your eligibility to assign copyright in the work. After completing the questionnaire and emailing it to the FSF, the Assignment Administrator will review your answers to the questions. If everything is in order you will receive an email with your assignment form and instructions on how to complete the assignment process. Alternatively, the Assignment Administrator will contact you if any matter needs further clarification.

After you return the assignment to the FSF it is reviewed once more and submitted for approval to the Executive Director. Once it has been approved you will receive an email indicating such, and a copy of the assignment wil be returned to you for your personal records.

To learn how to make a program a GNU program, please look here and to start the process please email GNU Evaluation

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