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av Zak Rogoff Published on 12.08.2015 - 16:53

Join the party node organizers email list

If you're looking to join rather than create a party node in your area, check out the party node listing on the LibrePlanet wiki.

Starting your own party node

Anybody can create a party node and hook it up to the global party network.

  1. Pick a date and time.

  2. Hook up your party node by adding it to the FSF30 Party Network page on the LibrePlanet wiki. Make sure to include an email address or form for people to RSVP.

  3. Invite your community!

  4. Send the FSF pictures after your event.

It's good to hook your node up to the network as soon as you have a date and contact info, even if you're still working out the details. Once your event is up on the LibrePlanet wiki, the FSF will point to it in our emails and posts about FSF30.

If you have any questions, let us know at

Ideas for party nodes

  • Organize a free software hackathon.
  • Play free software video games.
  • Create and destroy a piñata.
  • Host an install party (see the FSF's recommended GNU/Linux distributions) representing proprietary software. We're still trying to come up with the best way to represent proprietary software with a piñata, so let us know if you have any great ideas.
  • Lead a workshop to teach friends how to use a new free software tool. Our Email Self-Defense guide is a good resource for teaching friends how to use free software email encryption.
  • Raise funds for a local free software organization or project.

If you've other ideas you'd like to share please let us know at


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