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David Turner in Sherbrooke, Quebec

Автор: Matt Lee Published on 2005-03-21 16:47
David Turner will be coming from Boston to give a talk about Free Software on Thursday March 24, 2005 at 4:15pm at Bishop's University in the Nichols Building Room 4. He'll explain what Free Software is, and why it is important. David will show how Free Software has changed the world of computing, and has started to spread into other areas of western culture. Finally, he'll discuss how people can get started using and writing Free Software. The talk will last about an hour. After David speaks he will open it up for questions and answers. The talk is open to anyone willing to come and listen and be respectful, so don't hesitate to come and/or bring friends.
Когда 2005-03-24
c 16:15 по 17:15
Где Bishop's University in the Nichols Building Room 4, Sherbrooke, Quebec
Контактный телефон +1-617-542-5942

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