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International Day Against DRM (IDAD) - December 10, 2021

by Greg Farough Contributions Published on Dec 03, 2021 02:38 PM
When Dec 10, 2021

from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Where Online
Contact Name

The fifteenth International Day Against DRM (IDAD) is coming soon, and we here at the Defective by Design campaign are calling on you to help us send a message to purveyors of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) around the world, letting them know that DRM is unacceptable in any and all of its forms. This year's Day Against DRM will be held next Friday, on December 10, 2021.

This year, we'll be using one of Disney's own means of spreading their "service" and the DRM bundled with it: their mobile app. If you're an existing user of the Google Play (Android) or Apple App Stores, you can support the International Day Against DRM by voicing your objection to Disney's subjugation of their users. Streaming services like Netflix and Peacock have the same issues, but by targeting a newer one with such massive investment and capital behind it, we can make sure that we're heard. Disney+ is new: that gives it time to change.

What you can do

  • Leave a review of the Disney+ app on the Apple App Stores or Google Play and give them the rating they really deserve.

  • If you're an existing subscriber to Disney+ and choose to cancel your subscription as part of IDAD, let us know at, and we can help you share your story.

  • If you're not a user of Disney+, nor the nonfree Google Play or Apple App Stores, you can still follow our template on the IDAD page to send a message to Disney executives at

  • Join us anytime during IDAD (and beyond!) in the #dbd channel on the Libera.Chat IRC network, to discuss and share strategies for anti-DRM activism.

  • If you choose to speak out against other streaming services on IDAD, let us know! As the vast majority of them use DRM, you can send a message to the one that affects you the most.

  • And last but certainly not least, when doing any of the above, be sure to post on social media with the hashtag #DayAgainstDRM!

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