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Zak Rogoff

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2017-07-05 MODIFIED: Roaming teach-in for digital freedom
2017-01-09 Free software at the wheel
2016-07-06 Web DRM standard moves to next phase of development, FSF's Defective by Design campaign to continue opposition
2016-06-21 We need to fight for strong encryption. And stop DRM in Web standards
2016-03-14 Demonstration for a Web without restrictions
2016-03-01 Join us this Thursday to fight an unjust DRM law
2016-01-08 What's your vision for the FSF? Fill out our survey
2016-01-08 What's your vision for the FSF? Fill out our survey
2015-11-24 Privacy -- who needs it?
2015-10-16 GNU ethical criteria for code repositories emphasize privacy, freedom, and copyleft
2015-07-15 FSF 30th anniversary party
2015-07-13 Meetup - with FSF campaigns manager Zak Rogoff (Phoenix, AZ)
2015-07-08 Interview: Graphic designer Reda Lazri
2015-05-05 Community is the focus of 2015's International Day Against DRM
2015-04-06 The Free JavaScript campaign
2015-04-06 How do we get our less nerdy friends to use encryption?
2015-02-23 What would a free software world look like?
2015-01-09 Free Software Supporter - Numéro 81, décembre 2014
2014-12-30 Free Software Supporter - Issue 81, December 2014
2014-11-04 Alex Patel
2017-08-12 Защита электронной почты без границ
2014-05-05 Global community rallies for International Day Against DRM
2014-02-11 Free software fighting back against bulk surveillance
2014-02-10 How can free software protect us from surveillance?
2013-11-19 FOSS Bangladesh
2013-08-29 The Free JavaScript campaign
2013-07-25 FSF launches fundraising program for Replicant, the fully free Android-based mobile OS
2013-07-24 LernPolnisch
2013-07-24 EasyPolish
2015-10-29 Protect your freedom and privacy; join us in creating an Internet that's safer from surveillance
2013-07-01 Sankha Narayan Guria
2013-06-05 Free Software Supporter número 62, mayo 2013
2013-05-31 Free Software Supporter, Issue 62, May 2013
2013-04-24 Saurabh Nair
2013-04-24 2013
2013-04-08 Free Software Supporter número 60, marzo 2013
2013-03-29 Free Software Supporter Issue 60, March 2013
2013-03-08 LibrePlanet software freedom conference announces line-up
2013-02-28 Free Software Supporter número 59, febrero 2013
2013-02-28 Free Software Supporter Issue 59, February 2013
2013-01-24 List of contact cards
2013-01-24 English contact card
2012-12-21 Gnu comes bearing gifts, draws shoppers from Microsoft store
2013-01-11 The patent threat from Apple
2018-06-28 Apple's iOS takes a bite out of your freedom
2012-12-07 Free Software Supporter -- número 57, diciembre 2012
2012-12-07 Free Software Supporter, Issue 57, December 2012
2012-12-04 Free Software Supporter -- Numero 56, noviembre 2012
2012-11-30 Free Software Supporter, Issue 56, November 2012
2012-11-01 Free Software Supporter, numero 55, octubre 2012
2012-10-31 Free Software Supporter, Issue 55, October 2012
2012-10-25 Activists trick-or-treat for free software at Windows 8 launch event
2012-10-11 FSF rallies support for GNU MediaGoblin to make media publishing free "as in freedom"
2012-10-01 Free Software Supporter, Issue 54, September 2012

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