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Libby Reinish

Здесь отобрано то, что сделал этот пользователь за последнее время

2015-04-06 LibrePlanet 2014: Free Software, Free Society
2015-12-01 Help the FSF stay strong for 30 more years
2014-12-02 2014
2014-12-02 Help the FSF stay strong for 30 more years
2015-01-22 Free Software Supporter - Número 80, noviembre 2014
2014-12-01 Free Software Supporter - Issue 80, November 2014
2014-09-16 LibrePlanet is coming March 21-22, 2015, call for proposals now open for annual free software conference
2014-05-15 GNU turns thirty
2013-12-02 Build us up! Free software is a cornerstone of a free society
2013-12-02 2013
2013-08-16 Friends don't let friends use Windows 8
2013-06-26 Richard Stallman inducted into the 2013 Internet Hall of Fame
2013-05-09 World Wide Web Consortium takes next step with controversial DRM proposal, Defective by Design condemns decision
2013-05-03 "Oscar" awarded to W3C for Best Supporting Role in "The Hollyweb"
2013-05-01 Free Software Supporter, Issue 61, April 2013
2013-03-23 2012 Free Software Award winners announced
2013-03-06 Priority Projects
2013-03-06 High Priority Free Software Projects
2013-03-06 High Priority Free Software Projects
2013-02-22 Winners announced for free software gaming's highest honor, the Liberated Pixel Cup
2013-02-05 Free Software Supporter número 58, enero 2013
2013-02-28 Free Software Supporter, Issue 58, January 2013
2013-01-08 Past Campaigns
2012-12-13 Support the FSF: Turn your dollars into decibels
2012-11-28 Free Software Foundation encourages shoppers to 'Give Freely' with new Giving Guide
2012-11-27 Issue 21 — Fall 2012
2012-11-29 Why GPL compliance work matters
2012-11-29 GNU MediaGoblin and FSF team up to crowdfund the future of media publishing
2013-09-23 Support free software this holiday season
2012-11-29 FSF buying guide: holiday shopping with free software values
2012-11-29 LulzBot AO-100 3D printer is certifiably fun
2012-11-29 GNU campaigns team takes to the streets
2013-02-12 New LibrePlanet gaming server running Minetest
2012-11-29 Where in the world is Richard Stallman?
2012-11-29 A bit about free hardware
2012-11-27 The stakes are higher
2012-11-27 fall
2012-11-19 Planet GNU
2012-11-09 Campaigns
2012-11-08 Yi Ning Chen
2012-11-08 Yi Ning Chen
2012-11-08 2012
2012-10-15 The Free Software Foundation opens nominations for the 15th Annual Free Software Awards
2012-10-12 Liberated Pixel Cup
2012-10-12 The right to repair
2012-10-12 Volunteering on the Free Software Directory
2012-10-12 Around the world with RMS
2012-10-12 Update from the CTO
2012-10-12 Your money and your freedom
2012-10-12 GNU Emacs Reference Mugs and more
2012-10-12 E-books must increase our freedom, not decrease it
2012-10-12 spring
2012-10-12 2012
2012-10-11 E-books must increase our freedom, not decrease it
2012-10-11 Issue 20 -- Spring 2012

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