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Georgia Young

Здесь отобрано то, что сделал этот пользователь за последнее время

2018-06-18 Finding a free software silver lining to the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal
2018-02-28 Free Software Foundation releases FY2016 Annual Report
2017-12-22 Limited time only: get our new Four Freedoms shirt with an FSF Membership
2017-11-30 Free software and climate change
2017-09-19 LibrePlanet free software conference celebrates 10th anniversary, CFP and registration open now
2017-09-20 New FSF membership benefit: LibreOffice certification
2017-07-10 Join the federation
2017-01-25 Sumana Harihareswara's keynote will close LibrePlanet 2017
2017-01-17 FSF announces a major overhaul of free software High Priority Projects List
2017-01-18 Intelligent personal assistant
2017-01-13 Help GNU/Linux distributions be committed to freedom
2017-01-18 Free software adoption by governments
2017-01-18 Security by and for free software
2017-01-18 Free phone operating system
2017-01-18 Decentralization, federation, and self-hosting
2017-01-18 Free drivers, firmware, and hardware designs
2017-01-18 Real-time voice and video chat
2017-01-18 Encourage contributions by people underrepresented in the community
2017-01-18 Free software and accessibility
2017-01-18 Internationalization of free software
2016-12-22 LibrePlanet 2017 keynote announcement: Author and tech activist Cory Doctorow
2016-12-21 LibrePlanet 2017 will return to MIT thanks to SIPB, March 25-26, 2017
2017-01-09 So here's the thing: free software isn't cool
2016-06-21 In it for the long haul: A model for long-term free software campaigns
2016-04-21 Tor Project - Human Resources Manager
2016-01-27 Edward Snowden will kick off LibrePlanet 2016 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
2015-12-09 Une idée lumineuse ? Aidez le phare de la FSF à briller encore plus
2015-11-23 FSF is seen as a guiding light: help us shine brighter
2015-07-08 Found in translation
2015-04-06 freejs
2015-02-05 fall

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