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Brett Smith

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2012-02-09 Announcing JavaScript License Web Labels
2013-04-29 Hardware Endorsements
2011-06-09 Два новых проекта помогут свободным программам заменить Скайп
2010-10-29 VLC developer takes a stand against DRM enforcement in Apple's App Store
2010-10-13 Hardware we all want: FSF announces criteria for hardware endorsement program
2010-09-29 The FSF and Project Harmony
2010-09-28 Over 450 letters sent to the USPTO proposing guidelines to end software patents
2010-09-08 FSF responds to Oracle v. Google and the threat of software patents
2010-05-25 GPL Enforcement in Apple's App Store
2010-04-30 Information about the H.264 patent license
2010-02-17 FSF Comment for the USTR's 2010 Special 301 Review
2009-10-01 FSF announces new bounty program, offering "GNU Bucks" for finding nonfree works in free distributions
2009-09-08 Free Software Foundation files objection to Google Book Search settlement
2009-09-08 google-book-search-objection.pdf
2009-07-16 Microsoft's Empty Promise
2009-05-20 FSF Settles Suit Against Cisco
2008-12-11 2008-12-11-cisco-complaint.pdf
2007-11-19 Free Software Foundation Releases GNU Affero General Public License Version 3
2007-11-08 A Quick Guide to GPLv3
2007-10-18 FSF Compliance Lab IRC Meeting for October
2007-09-13 IRC meeting to discuss AGPLv3 and GPLv3 on September 27
2006-11-10 FSF Compliance Lab announces new web site
2006-11-10 Contact the FSF Compliance Lab
2006-11-10 License Violations and Compliance
2006-11-10 Free Software Licensing Resources

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