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Support the FSF: Help us stop Restricted Boot

by libby Contributions Published on Dec 27, 2012 09:17 AM
Our campaign to stop Restricted Boot hit a big milestone this month.
We've surpassed 40,000 signers on our pledge. That's more than 40,000 people -- including you -- and 50 organizations who have committed not to purchase or recommend computers that strip users of their freedom to install the free operating system of their choice.

That freedom came under increasing assault this year, as Microsoft released a slew of new devices designed to run Windows 8 and only Windows 8. In the new year, we will release new information about Restricted Boot and amplify your voices of protest. To do that, we need your continued support. Can you donate $50 to help us raise the profile of our campaign against Restricted Boot in 2013?

In January, we'll release an updated white paper with new information about how Secure Boot is being implemented. We aim to take the pledge to the next level as well, building support and awareness until our numbers are 50,000 and counting. We'll also make it easier for people to make informed decisions when purchasing new computers by creating new resources similar to our 2012 Giving Guide. We'll make these resources available online, of course, but we'll also take them out into the streets.

To take the Secure Boot campaign to the next level, we need your continued support. Please renew your membership to the Free Software Foundation today, or consider making a one-time donation of $50 to keep us going in 2013.

Secure Boot raises many issues for protecting user freedom, promoting free software ideals, and encouraging free software adoption. We make every dollar you give part of our comprehensive approach to the advancement of free software. The Free Software Foundation is the only organization that combines support for free software development, worldwide education and outreach efforts, software licensing and compliance, and advocacy in a holistic strategy to stop Restricted Boot. Here's what your support will help us accomplish in 2013:

  • We will continue to build public support around our statement. When further actions need to be taken to stand up for this freedom as Secure Boot and Restricted Boot are rolled out, we will call upon this base of support.

  • We will fight Microsoft's attempt at enforcing Restricted Boot on ARM devices like smartphones and tablets. Like any other computer, users must be able to install free software operating systems on these devices. We will monitor Microsoft's behavior to make sure they do not deceive the public again by expanding these restrictions to other kinds of systems.

  • We will work with (and when necessary, pressure) manufacturers and distributors to make sure that users can change all of the software running on their machine, including the boot firmware itself.

  • We will continue to work with companies like Lemote, Freedom Included, ZaReason, ThinkPenguin, Los Alamos Computers, Garlach44, and InaTux to make computers available that are preinstalled with fully free GNU/Linux distributions.

  • We will help provide information about which computers and components are most compatible with free software, including making people aware of which machines have Restricted Boot.

Microsoft and the other companies driving restricted boot must be challenged. The only way to counter their billions of dollars in influence is with the power of your voices and your generosity. We need to raise $350,000 by January 31st to help us amplify your voices in 2013. Please, donate today to help us turn up the volume.


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