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Write to your school or government

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Mar 29, 2010 03:29 PM
Write to your school or government about OpenDocument.

Our OpenDocument facts page lists many governments around the world who are supporting OpenDocument, but in many places this support is minimal or non-existent.

At the same time, educators around the world can embrace a new generation of education that is not dependent on a single software company, by encouraging the usage of OpenDocument for classwork assignments and other computing activities.

We encourage students and citizens around the world to write to their authorities and positively encourage the adoption of OpenDocument. Here are some resources to get you started...

Take action

  • Use the education section on LibrePlanet to organize details for your school district
  • Start a LibrePlanet group in your country, LibrePlanet Italia is a good example of a group that has done this.
    • The FSF provides LibrePlanet as a resource for the global free software community, but it is always good to be mindful of the power of words and the importance of framing the issues we discuss and work on in the best possible terms, so please make a group that focuses on free software and computer user freedom, rather than practical benefits.

Read this in Russian.

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