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Reject proprietary formats! Pledge to use OpenDocument!

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Mar 29, 2010 03:10 PM
The files created by Microsoft Office and Apple's iWork are not created in OpenDocument format -- instead, Microsoft and Apple control the formats their software create -- leaving users worldwide at their mercy, and with a string of incompatible documents.

You can make a difference!

By rejecting all files created in Microsoft Office and Apple iWork, you can send a strong message to your friends, colleagues and businesses that you do not support the actions of these companies.

By rejecting these files, you can open a friendly dialog with the person, and ask them to support a free society by using a free format like OpenDocument.

Getting started

The easiest thing to do, is to simply refuse to open any documents created with Microsoft Office and Apple iWork, and then to send a short, friendly email to whoever sent you the document, asking them to send it again in OpenDocument format -- and because is free software, everyone in the world can create and read OpenDocuments without restriction of instrusive and expensive software licenses.

Why I'm rejecting your email attachment

We've created a few examples for you, but you will have more success if you write one or two reponses yourself, customizing them to the audience in question. For example, writing a less formal and more jokey response to a member of your close family, while remaining polite and professional to your boss and other colleagues. Please add your ideas for a great response.

Watch a video (thanks Lenny) about the dangers of Microsoft OOXML

Download video

Other things you can do

  • If you have a website with your resume or curriculum vitae -- make sure you provide it in OpenDocument format, instead of Microsoft or Apple specific formats. Providing a PDF copy is also good, and lets you easily export any document to PDF as well.
  • Promote OpenDocument in your email signature by adding a line like:

    "Please do not send me Microsoft Office/Apple iWork documents. Send OpenDocument instead!"

  • Contact websites which provide files in Microsoft/Apple formats and ask them to support OpenDocument instead.

  • Our OpenDocuments Facts page can help you dispel myths about OpenDocument, as well as provide you with responses to people who unfairly criticize OpenDocument.

  • Read Richard Stallman's article, We can put an end to Word attachments
  • Read this in Russian.

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