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End Software Patents action alerts

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Feb 27, 2008 11:18 PM

Take action:

Write to your presidential candidate

Let them know that in order to progress our nation, strengthen our economy, and protect our liberty, they need to include as part of their platform a promise to abolish software patents if they are elected president. If you don't know your candidates contact info, find them on the list, below. Feel free to adapt our text in your letter or email.

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Dear [Your-candidate],

As a candidate for president of the United States, you must have a strong stance when it comes to protecting liberty for all, and in the 21st century, one of the major threats facing our economic and individual liberty comes from software patents. Every company that has a web site is at threat of being sued for potentially infringing a software patent. Over $11 billion a year is spent on software patent litigation alone in this country, and the threats span the entire economy, from Microsoft to the Green Bay Packers. The current patent system is broken, and you need to make a commitment to fixing it if you are elected president.

Before software patents, the software industry was immensely innovative, proving that this is an industry that does not need government-granted monopolies to progress. Locally, the only purpose software patents serve is to generate billions of dollars of revenue for lawyers through patent applications and litigation. Globally, software patents are hindering innovation in the United States and curbing our ability to be global leaders in technology and innovation. To win our confidence and our votes, please assure each of us that you will be a president that will not allow our own laws to impede progress, innovation, growth, and technology.


[Your name]

Presidential campaign contact info

You can find a complete list of 2008 US presidential candidates on Wikipedia.

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