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On the road with RMS

作者: Jeanne Rasata Published on 2018年06月18日 12時10分

Free Software Foundation president Richard Stallman's commitment to getting the word out on the importance of free software has been as steadfast as ever over the past six months. In spite of a quiet December and January, he still managed to take part in 27 events. He participated in 2 panels and gave 24 speeches, 16 of them at conferences, with 6 of the speeches being keynote speeches. One of his speeches was in French, and the rest were about equally divided between Spanish and English. All told, his speeches were heard by about 6,500 to 7,500 people, in 23 cities, in 6 countries.

In the fall, RMS spoke at several events in Mexico, and then returned to the US for a visit to California. In Sacramento, he spoke to an audience of software developers and state-government IT staff for Child Welfare Digital Services, a project aiming to “change the way state government develops software by leveraging free (libre) software, agile methodologies, and user-centered design.”

Next, he headed to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, where he spoke about freedom in software and in object design at Maker Faire Galicia, a software-, hardware-, and free-community-centered festival for inventors. Then, at the University of Innsbruck, in Austria, he participated in a panel and in a lecture series on “Challenges to learning and education in the media age.” He talked about education, software freedom, and privacy, and about learning bots and users' freedom, outlining the threats and challenges we face, and what schools have to do to help.

RMS resumed his travels in February, speaking in London and Leicester, in the United Kingdom, and in Oviedo, Spain. Next, he spoke in Rennes, France, at inOut2018, a conference to “debate, invent, test, and decipher the transportation modes of tomorrow,” where he gave his speech “The right to anonymous transportation.” He also took part in the CampOSV hackathon at inOut2018, geared toward creating prototypes of free-software-run vehicles, and gave his speech “Privacy by design.”

March brought RMS back to Boston for LibrePlanet 2018, our annual software freedom conference, where, as is custom, he delivered a keynote speech and presented the Free Software Awards. He then returned to Mexico for a few more events and talks, before heading to Burlington, Vermont, for Champlain College's Capstone Presentations, “a conference in which senior students [from Information Technology & Services] present the results of their capstone projects (year-long culminating experience projects within their majors).” He delivered his speech “Computing, freedom and privacy” for an audience that included members of the community at large, as well as students from Computer Science & Innovation, Game Programming, Computer & Digital Forensics, Data Analytics, and Computer Networking & Cybersecurity, who would all have had to read RMS's book Free Software, Free Society in one of their compulsory classes (!).

See for a list of RMS's confirmed upcoming engagements. Please write to to extend him a speaking invitation. Please also send us any photographs you would like us to share on his blog, at, or recordings of his speeches for our audio-video archive at


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