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On the road with RMS

by jeanne Contributions Published on Jun 21, 2016 11:55 AM

Richard Stallman (RMS) is not slowing down! Over the past six months, with his characteristic unflinching focus, he has continued getting the word out on computing ethics and raising awareness of the social issues at stake: since we last wrote you, he has attended over a dozen conferences and given forty-one speeches in thirty-seven cities across eleven countries and three continents.

Last fall, in Paris, he spoke to Supélec's researchers and doctoral students about the importance of free hardware designs. In Ghent, Stockholm, Østersund, Barcelona, Utrecht, Athens and France, he addressed diverse student audiences and the general public alike.

He attended Guadalajara's annual Feria Internacional del Libro, Latin America's most important editorial meeting and an important cultural festival, to speak on the importance of a free digital society and warned attendees of the dangers of the Trans-Pacific Partnership's restrictions on computing and the Internet. He took advantage of the visit to give six other speeches at different universities throughout Mexico, including at the Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca, as a guest of KadaSoftware, a part of the university that is dedicated to supporting the school and the region through software development and an exemplary part of the free software movement.

In India he gave speeches in Delhi and Bhopal and spoke at two different tech festivals, in Pilani and in Roorkee. Likewise, he spoke at Fossetcon, in Orlando, FL, and then in Madrid, at Retina 2016, a conference directed at professionals responsible for the digital transformation of their companies, and to Istanbul Tech Talks, which targets software engineers. Even when his audience is experienced developers, he continues to open eyes to the social implications of software.

In Canada, he spoke both at the Université Laval, in Quebec City, and then in Montreal, at the III Colloque libre de l'ADTE, which promotes free software in colleges and universities in Quebec.

Back in the US, he spoke at MIT and at Oakland University, in Rochester, MI, in addition to speaking at LibrePlanet, the FSF's annual conference, and handing out this year's Free Software Awards.

All throughout his travels, RMS highlighted the injustices of proprietary software through user subjection to developers' power, exemplified by surveillance, DRM, and back doors.

Please write to with any photographs you would like us to share on RMS's blog, at, speeches to publish in our audio-video archive, or to extend a speaking invitation to RMS. For a list of his confirmed engagements.

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