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A short recap of RMS's recent adventures

by Jeanne Rasata Contributions Published on Apr 02, 2015 05:25 PM

Over the past six months, RMS has continued to advocate for computer-user freedom and to educate people on the importance of free software to a free and democratic society. He's given four dozen speeches in thirty-five cities across ten countries, including Finland, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the US, the UK, and Taiwan.

In order for his efforts to be successful, it's key that the lead-up to his speeches not inadvertently undermine his message: we are careful to ensure that the promotion of his talks uses the right nomenclature, and that registration is done ethically. This means that, where necessary, sponsorship logos and promotional text all give credit to the GNU Project, by referring to the operating system as GNU/Linux, and that it's clear that computer-user freedom, and not technical expediency, is what is important (we say "free software," never "open source").1 It also means that registration, if it is to be done, is either optional, or can be done both anonymously and without the need to run nonfree software.

The creep of mass surveillance and the erosion of our computing freedoms is sometimes so subtle and insidious that it's not always apparent when we're compromising our own privacy or surrendering our computer-user rights. We hope, through our work, to sensitize people to the importance of computing freedoms they might be indifferent to, and raise awareness of the stakes involved in making concessions--even when it comes to doing something as innocuous as registering for a talk on free software.

You can view the most up-to-date list of all of Richard Stallman's confirmed upcoming appearances here, see photographic excerpts of some of his recent appearances on his blog, and listen to those of his speeches for which we have recordings. Please write to with any photographs you would like to share or to extend an invitation for him to come speak.

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