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Update from the CTO

by libby Contributions Published on Oct 12, 2012 03:45 PM

by Ward Vandewege, chief technical officer

First of all, we'd like to welcome our new full-time system administrator, Nicolas Cesar! He's getting up to speed fast, and we're very happy to have him on the team.

We've been pretty busy since our last update. At the end of February, we completed the move of our servers to a new facility. For more than 10 years, Global NAPs graciously provided the FSF with donated colocation, power and bandwidth for our servers. Late last year, Global NAPs informed us that the arrangement would come to an end as the company was sold, and their local colocation facilities would be shut down.

Luckily, several organizations stepped up to help us out.

James Jun and Joshua Myles helped us broker a deal with Markley Group and TowardEX, who provide us with colocation space and bandwidth respectively, while Matthew Bloch and Peter Taphouse at Bytemark donated the use of a beefy dedicated server in Manchester, UK.

Barton Bruce was instrumental during our time at Global NAPs, for which we are extremely appreciative.

We also want to explicitly thank all of you who reached out to us after our call for help with colocation. We deeply appreciate all your help and support, and we are very grateful to have found a solution for our colocation needs that is 100% donated. Every dollar we do not have to spend on colocation can be spent on the core mission of the FSF. Thank you, all!

As part of the move to the new colocation facility, the FSF is now part of the new Boston Internet Exchange, which allowed us to roll out support for IPv6, the new addressing system for the Internet. Eventually all of our services will be available natively on IPv6.

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