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Liberated Pixel Cup

by libby Contributions Published on Oct 12, 2012 04:09 PM

by Matt Lee, campaigns manager

Liberated Pixel Cup is a two-part competition: make a bunch of awesome free culture licensed artwork, and then program a bunch of free software games that use it.

Phase one of the competition is to build a set of artwork that's dual licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 and GPLv3 and stylistically consistent. To that end, we're currently working on a style guide which incorporates these components.

Phase two of this competition will be building GPLv3 or later games that incorporate artwork from the artwork building phase of the project. People can work in teams or individually. Participants will be judged based on fun factor, innovativeness, and of course how well they incorporate assets built for the contest. Phase two runs from July 1st thru July 31st.

Liberated Pixel Cup will be awesome, but it can't happen without the help of people like you!

We're paying artists for comissions on the artwork for the initial style guide, and we'd like to give away prizes for those who win the competition. You can help make this project all the more awesome with your donation!

This competition also needs people like you to enter and do awesome things with it. Interested in taking part? Read up more here and join us at #liberatedpixelcup on -- the admins and judges can be reached for questions on the official forum as well.

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