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Free Technology Academy

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Oct 17, 2011 03:16 PM
The Free Technology Academy provides formal training at the university level about free software and standards. The FTA Consortium aims to contribute to a society that permits all users to study, participate and build upon existing knowledge without restrictions; and more specifically to contribute to the building of a critical mass in the use of free technologies.
  • The Free Technology Academy consists of an advanced virtual campus with course materials that are followed entirely online.

  • The contents of the program are focused on free technologies and designed by e-learning experts.

  • The Free Technology Academy is specially oriented to IT professionals, students, educations and decision makers.

  • All learning materials used in the FTA are published under licenses that allow them to be freely used, modified and redistributed. Learners who enroll in the FTA receive tuition from the partner universities' teaching staff, and FTA credits are recognized by these universities.

  • The FTA aims to share the burden and benefits of developing and exploiting course modules related to free technology. Organizations interested in joining forces are welcome to strengthen the Partner Network.


The use of free technologies is considered a key factor for sustainability: Free standards guarantee interoperability and provide a level playing field for developers; free software implementations help to prevent the formation of monopolies that hinder free competition in the ICT sector.

The presence of free technologies is steadily growing in many sectors, such as public bodies, entertainment, embedded systems, mobile computing, etc. The FTA courses cover these fields form several points of view: technical, economic, organizational, and legal.

For whom?

FTA is for people who want to acquire knowledge about these topics and obtain a certificate that is accepted at the master level by the university partners. However, holding a university degree is not required to enroll. Typical particpants are ICT professionals, educators, students, civil servants, and decision-makers from different countries.

Learning methodology

All courses provided by the Free Technology Academy are conducted entirely online at the FTA Virtual Campus. The FTA learning methodology allows learners to define their own study schedules: asynchronus communication tools, few deadlines, and activities that can be joined at different dates and times. This model allows for anyone to follow FTA courses, regardless of their location and job, as long as they have regular access to the Internet.

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