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PlayFreedom campaign

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Nov 28, 2011 05:00 PM
PlayFreedom is a new campaign from the Free Software Foundation. You can think of it as the successor to our PlayOgg campaign; our efforts there will be rolled into PlayFreedom.

PlayFreedom aims to promote all kinds of free media formats: for now, that means Google's new WebM format and the entire Ogg family from Xiph, including Theora, Vorbis, Speex, and FLAC. The Web site will have three main sections: Tools, Showcase and Activism.

"Tools" provides information about free software you can use to produce, edit, and work with free media formats. Whether you're simply looking for a program to play video, or the tools you need to edit and publish a movie with free formats, you'll find what you need here.

"Showcase" is an area of the site where we'll be showing you some of the best video and audio around, all in free formats. Part of this will include an exhaustive list of all known free media sites, including radio stations, music download services, bands, filmmakers, and community sites.

"Activism" helps us all push free media formats to success in new areas. Here, PlayFreedom supporters will find links to blog posts, action items, and suggestions on how to get involved and promote free media formats.

While we put the finishing touches on this campaign, you can let us know about any sites you'd like to see featured on the Web site, or any tools you think we might not have heard of by emailing us at To stay up to date on our progress, join the mailing list at

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