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Free Software, Free Society: Second Edition

by Jeanne Rasata Contributions Published on Oct 14, 2011 06:12 PM
We are very pleased and excited to announce the addition of two important books to the GNU Press collection this month: the second edition of Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman and Free as in Freedom 2.0: Richard Stallman and the Free Software Revolution, both in paperback.

The new edition of Free Software, Free Society features a number of changes: updated versions of the essays on the GNU Project and free software and a selection of the essays Stallman has written since 2002, when the first edition was published. It draws a starker distinction between areas of copyright and those of patents in a way we hope will put an end to the confusion of the issues; an introduction, written by Brett Smith, the FSF's compliance engineer, now provides historical context for the drafting of the licenses and makes plain the importance of the documents; a part of the book is entirely devoted to the issue of naming and its significance in the survival of free software; another discusses the traps that erode our freedoms, and another urges us to choose civic values and community over convenience; and, finally, there is now an index, to maximize the usefulness of the book.

Also now in print is GNU Press' second edition of Free as in Freedom, Sam Williams' biography of Richard Stallman, revised and annotated by Richard Stallman. Williams had put the first edition of the book under the GNU Free Documentation License, thus allowing others to modify and improve upon the work. With Free as in Freedom (2.0) the reader can enjoy the manifold advantages presented by this unique format in which the subject's corrections, rebuttals, and opinions are laid beside the biographer's account and interpretations. Williams' interviews, outside perspective, and his exposition of the facts are corrected, refined, and informed by Stallman's technical expertise and his first-hand knowledge of both the events and his own motivations. See what Stallman has to say about his own life and work and the free software movement.

Proceeds from the sale of these books will help fund our campaigns to promote and defend computer users' rights. Any way you could help spread the word would be useful to the movement: share the books (as stocking stuffers perhaps this holiday season!) with your friends and family, ask your local libraries and bookstores to stock a copy, ask your professors to consider ordering them for their classes, give a copy to the decision makers in your organization, or put a link to the online version on your homepage. Get these books -- enjoy a 10 percent discount when you buy both Stallman's biography and his collection of essays from the FSF store -- for yourself or for future free software supporters, and help get the word out on this most current and critical social issue.

If you are not yet a member, please do consider joining. You will have the option of receiving Free Software, Free Society as your welcome gift and enjoy a 20 percent discount on all items in the FSF store. Thanks for supporting free software.

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