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We might be coming to your town

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Feb 06, 2009 04:49 PM
by Deborah Nicholson, Membership Coordinator

This year the Free Software Foundation has been busy creating more opportunities to meet up with our members in person. We want to hear from you and we want you all to meet each other. We especially want you to invite your friends and colleagues who may be interested in free software, but may not be all that familiar with the work that goes into protecting and promoting free software. All of the events we've hosted so far have been informal and fun -- perfect for inviting a curious friend!

We've already communed with our members in Portland, Oregon, where board member Mako Hill and (former) campaigns manager Joshua Gay sparked discussions about Ogg Vorbis and freedom for network services. In San Francisco, RMS joined members in a lively conversation about the nature of freedom and the importance of accepting no compromises. Board member Henry Poole talked about and executive director Peter Brown covered some of the exciting sucesses we've had in the battle against DRM this year.

By the time you receive this we'll also have been out to visit with our members in San Diego, assisted by Hugo Award-winning author Vernor Vinge. Early next year we'll be touching base with folks in Los Angeles and we hope to catch up with our Canadian members later in the year. We're also looking for a good opportunity to meet up with our members on the other side of the Atlantic, so that may become part of our member meet-up itinerary soon.

Update 6/28/19: the site is no longer active.

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